Niko's quality. Something you can rely on.

Your customers stay safe thanks to your knowledge and experience. In turn, you quite rightly expect the same from us.

An electrical installation is for life. It all starts with the quality of the installation, which is something that we are very aware of at Niko. Right from the design stage, we aim for a long operating life which is also something we stay true to thanks to our in-house quality assurance department. Each hardware product undergoes extensive testing, both by external bodies and by our own certified laboratory. If the stringent dust-resistance, water-resistance or weathering tests show that something can be improved, we make it our work to do this. This means that you can work on sturdy equipment that is fully adapted to your needs. For instance, what did you think about zinc-coated metal bridges instead of the less durable plastic varieties? Need we say any more? At Niko, we do not rest until our hardware products are perfect, right down to the smallest detail.

Niko will soon be celebrating 100 years. That is why you can rest assured. You can rely on us even if something goes wrong. All our switching equipment is made, tested and repaired in Sint-Niklaas, in Belgium. So, it doesn’t have to travel far and is just taken care of by us. And we know our equipment perfectly. Furthermore, all our products are carefully labelled and logged so that we learn from even the smallest defects.

Guaranteed for 4 years instead of two

At Niko, we are convinced of the quality of our products. That is why we offer a 4-year guarantee on hardware, while the legal requirement is only 2 years..

The guarantee period starts from the date of delivery and the invoice date counts as proof of this. That’s because if your hardware products remain in stock for longer, you should not be disadvantaged in any way. Have you lost your invoice? Then we will use our manufacturing date. The guarantee consists of a free replacement, repair or credit note.

Despite our stringent quality checks, there are times when a product does not always work as it should. In these situations, we will provide a quick solution.