Taking care of the future.

You're still in perfect health. But you still want to think ahead. If you choose a basic installation from Niko Home Control right from the start, you're in a good position for the future. Your home evolves with you.

As you get older, you expect different things of your home. Exactly what you will need in the future is difficult to anticipate now. That's why your electrical installation needs to evolve with you. Perhaps an extra light switch next to the sofa would be handy in the long term, or maybe you would like to convert the old bedroom of your son or daughter into the perfect play room or spare room for your grandchildren? You wouldn't want to carry out a semi-renovation just to organise all that. 

With Niko Home Control, you can easily adapt your home to your changing needs. You just need to take care of the basic installation and the appropriate cabling. Then you have peace of mind for the rest of your life.

New phase of life, changing needs. Niko Home Control evolves with you.

Comfort is more than just pampering.

Home comfort is wonderful. But as you get older, it becomes a real necessity. It becomes more difficult to bend over, and you don't want to walk around the whole house just to switch off all the lights.

Every now and then you might catch yourself leaving the light in the garage on all day. And you love it when your living room is cosy and warm in the morning, but you don't always feel like getting up earlier to switch the heating on.
Even if you're not at home, a little extra comfort would be useful. Because you've only just gotten on your bicycle, when you start to have doubts. Have I switched off my reading lamp? Should I possibly have set the heating a few degrees lower?


With Niko Home Control, you can control your heating and ventilation with one press of the button or smartphone. Thanks to motion detectors, your lights will automatically switch on and off. And with an all-off button, you can switch off all lights and socket outlets. No more worries.

Thanks to Niko Home Control, your house knows exactly what you want from it.

To feel safe at every moment of the day. And night.

You like being in your house and want to stay living there for as long as possible. But then you sometimes get worried. You might hear something suspicious in the garden, or you have no idea who just rang the doorbell.

Your home is supposed to be the place where you are completely at ease. But if you hear strange noises during the night, you want to be able to switch on all the lights immediately. Only then do you feel safe. Even when you're not at home, you would rather give the impression that someone is inside the house. Burglars are immediately deterred if the lights switch on while you're not there.

Niko Home Control automatically switches off your socket outlets when you're not using them. You can scare away burglars with presence simulation and the panic button next to your bed. And thanks to the access control, you can see from a distance whoever rings the doorbell.

With Niko Home Control, you're in safe hands. Even if you're not at home.