Keeping your energy bills under control

Saving energy seems easy: turn off as many appliances as possible, set your central heating lower, and switch the lights off. The problem is, you can't always think of everything.

Imagine that your central heating never stays on for longer than necessary. Or that you could see at a glance which appliances are unnecessarily consuming a lot of energy... Research shows that it helps if people have a clear overview of their energy consumption: they can easily save up to 15 percent.

The Niko Home Control ecodisplay gives an easy-to-understand view of your family's energy consumption, as well as the energy production of the solar panels. You can also activate the ecofunction or the presence simulation on the ecodisplay. 
Get your energy consumption under control thanks to the Niko Home Control ecodisplay. 

Two key words: LED and dimming

Incandescent lamps are real energy guzzlers. However, you would like to manage your lighting in the most energy-efficient way.

Light often determines the ambiance. Dinner with the family, lounging in front of the TV, or perhaps a romantic evening for two? Atmospheric lighting is all part of it! How do you create the right ambiance while also keeping your energy bills in check?

Niko-Led gang

Replace your lighting with LED lamps and your energy bill will reduce immediately. The Niko LED strips may also easily be combined with a dimmer. That way you can create the right ambiance for every occasion without a fuss.

Want to save money? Be inspired by Niko's selection of LED lighting and dimmers.

Always warm where it needs to be

Do you wake up in the morning and go straight to a warm bathroom? Then come home to a nice and warm house after a long day's work?

There's nothing quite like a nice warm house in the winter. But what can you do if you want to heat the house responsibly? Not every room in the house is used at every time of the day. Is it really necessary then to heat up the whole house? 

The Niko Home Control zone heating option allows you to easily heat up rooms only when necessary. Perfect control of the temperature according to your lifestyle is a real help for your energy bill. 
The Niko Home Control zone heating ensures that it is warm where it needs to be. 

Lights that know when to switch on

It has happened to all of us at some point: you come home and realise that you left the lights switched on.

Garden lights which are left on all day. A cellar where the lights stay on for several weeks because you hardly ever go there. It can happen. But lights which stay on unnecessarily cost money.

Niko-Toiletten detectoren

Motion detectors solve that problem once and for all. No more lights left on unnecessarily. Very handy in places such as the bathroom or storage area. The light switches on by itself when you enter a room, and automatically switches off when you leave again.

The Niko motion detector automatically switches the light on and off for you.