All you need to do is press the button once

You can control various switches at the touch of a button with Niko Home Centre. So, you no longer have to wonder whether you have switched all of the lights off after you have left the house..

The central control is one of the major advantages of our electrical installations. At the press of a button, you can turn on the spotlights in the kitchen, dim the lighting in the living room, lower the blinds and adjust the ventilation. And you can get a clear overview using your smartphone or tablet. When you’ve left your house, the all-off button comes in extremely handy. In short, Niko makes your home smarter because you can control everything using your smartphone or tablet. In other words, you can control it remotely too, which makes your home more secure. One further benefit of Niko Home Control is that you always have an overview of your energy consumption at your fingertips.

There are many functions which fortunately does not make the controls complicated. Each of our buttons has its own function. This means that you know immediately whether you are controlling the blinds or dimming the lighting. Niko likes to keep everything simple and intuitive.

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Choose comfort, even when you are renovating.

Do you want to renovate your electrical installation without any building work? You can with Niko. That's because our switches are controlled wirelessly so you don't need to lay cables to install them.

Whether you are extending your kitchen, altering the lighting in your living room or fitting an additional internet connection in your home office, there is no avoiding the electrical installation. How do we know so well what keeps you awake at night? We systematically record customer queries and actively seek solutions throughout all of our departments. We also hold group meetings with our customers, record interviews and make observations. In this way we know what you want, sometimes before you even know yourself.

If you don’t like the idea of building work, then wireless switches and wall sockets are the solution. You screw them into the wall or stick them above the skirting boards. The installer will adapt your existing electrical installation without any building work into a wireless system using Niko switches that are fully tailored to your needs.

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Ease of use for all budgets

If you have ever done any building or renovation work, then you know that cost is one factor that unavoidably affects your decisions. That is why you look for solutions that fit within your budget, however large or small.

Whoever starts building or renovating work normally has the big plan fully worked out. However, your initial budget is usually not enough to completely achieve that plan immediately. Niko can help in this situation by offering Niko Home Control as an extendable solution. You make a start with a basic installation that contains the most important functions. If you want to extend it later, you can always do this. Whatever you want, whenever you want. And in whatever design you want.

At Niko, ease of use goes beyond intuitive control. We will help you to make the right decisions, both before and during the installation. Our user-friendly software helps you to make decisions and takes away the stress from all of the available choices. You determine with your installer the functions that you need now and which ones you can add later. So together we make sure that everything runs smoothly, financially too. Does your client have an existing property? Then why not introduce him to a simplified version of home automation via Niko connected switch?

Discover the Niko Home Control smart solutions