Socket outlets that are safe for children

Children are often crawling about on their hands and knees. Socket outlets can quickly catch their attention.

And once something has caught a child's attention, they naturally want to explore it further. Socket outlets and children are therefore usually a risky combination. Or perhaps there is a solution that can withstand a child's curiosity?

Niko socket outlets are completely safe for children. No matter how much children fiddle with them, they won't receive an electric shock. The socket outlets always have in-built safety shutters. That way, you don't need to put a guard around them. 

Niko socket outlets are 100% child safe.

Lights that give peace of mind

Children are generally not too fond of the dark. They're sometimes scared of monsters under the bed. Or they wander around at night looking for Mummy and Daddy.

Then all of a sudden, your child is standing next to your bed. In the middle of the night. If you know that there is a staircase nearby, that can be rather unnerving. At such moments, light in the hallway ensures that they won't bump into anything or fall down the stairs.

Niko orientation lighting installed along the staircase or on the landing provides safe lighting in the dark. If you combine these with motion detectors, the lights will switch on as soon as your child gets out of bed and walks onto the landing. 

Niko orientation lighting brings ambiance and safety to your home.

A room where you can take a look without disturbing

Sometimes you want to check on the little ones to make sure they're sleeping safe and sound. And you'd rather not switch on all the lights in the process.

Small children often wake up at night. You obviously want to lull them back to sleep quickly. Bright light doesn't help in this respect - on the contrary. Sometimes you're just worried and feel more reassured when you've had a look in the room. Then just a small amount of light will do.

With Niko dimmers, lights can be switched to the minimum level when you enter the room. A dimmed room is not only useful at night. Waking up in the morning is also more pleasant with soft light.

Not only do dimmers create more ambiance, they are also extremely practical.

A safe home for children, even when you're away

Older children can stay home alone once in a while. And yet you don't always leave the house completely at ease.

Children like nothing better than having the house all to themselves. But parents are generally nervous about this prospect. Children can sometimes be a little too adventurous. With the deep fryer for example, or the hair straightener.

The remote control service gives you the possibility to switch the electronic appliances in your house on or off using your smartphone or tablet. This is very handy with children in the house. You can prevent appliances being used, left on or overheating. And that is one less worry.

Secure your home remotely with the Niko Home Control remote control service.