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In an ever-changing world, Niko Group offers increasingly intelligent state-of-the-art solutions. We are a 'compagnon de route' for all who endeavor making this come true.

Niko people


  • End-user experiences
  • Specifiers
  • Professional installers

"If it is up to us, we will always choose to work with Niko products. Of course, it's not always our call to make. Engineering offices might use different criteria" - Mauro Popocini

Niko Partnerships


Niko goes in search of pioneering partners to co-develop smart solutions that simplify the daily lives of their customers. Furthermore, Niko is open to new technologies and open ecosystems. That is why its solutions remain entirely future proof and Niko becomes the ultimate platform to control all pioneering ecosystems.

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Innovation en design

Innovation and Design

Having conducted research into what the company should look like in a couple of years, the Design department will help implement this strategy step by step in every new physical and virtual product.
The designers and developers in our extensive research and development department are inspired by everything happening in the world. They are constantly working on innovative electronic solutions, both in terms of design and usability.


Pillars of our approach:

  • The Digital Age
  • An adapted home for every age 
  • Environmental friendly 

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Our mission

“How can we make your buildings work better for you?”, is the question we ask ourselves every morning at Niko.

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Our Management team

Niko Group is a third generation family owned holding company