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We are a Belgian company with our headquarters in Sint-Niklaas. This is where you will find our production halls alongside the research and development, sales and customer service departments. We sell our solutions throughout Europe from branches in 10 European countries – Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland. We supply these to the international market using distributors all over the world. Our range features over 5,000 products in switching material, door communication, detection, lighting control and home automation for residential and professional buildings. In Belgium, we are market leader in switches and socket outlets. We are in full expansion and employ more than 600 staff.


(€ mio)165

(in %)19

Net Profit
(€ mio)10

Net Cash
(€ mio)92

(€ mio)6

(€ mio)169

Our non-negotiables

There are a couple of things we do not negotiate about. They are in our DNA. Always have, always will.

We never let you down

We never let you down! We take our responsibility and we are reliable.

Fair partner

We are a fair partner and we demand the same fairness from our stakeholders.


We consider it our duty to empower the installer.


We aim to keep things simple.


Everything we do is 'easy': easy to select the right solution, easy to commission, easy to install, easy to support...


We make it easy for partners to do business with us.

High Quality

We set ourselves a high standard of quality and we do not compromise on it.


The end user interaction with our products is intuitive and user-friendly.

100 years of Niko

In 1919 the brothers, Alphonse and Werner De Backer founded Niko. They designed and manufactured switches and socket outlets that quickly won the Belgian market. Ever since, a lot has changed. For us. But in society too.

Our Story