More info about modules

What do the Niko Home Control training courses cover?

You choose whether to follow the basic module online or under the guidance of a professional trainer. After Module 1, you will take a short online test for certification.

If you pass the test, then you will receive a certificate. You will then get access to modules 2 and 3.

Module 1 - Discover (e-learning)

In this online basic module, you will learn how to build and programme a Niko Home Control II installation.

You will find out everything about the Niko Home Control modules, cabling and control points. You will go through the programming software, from the start of a new project to uploading your programming to the installation.

You can follow this online module at your own pace. Want to take a break before carrying on the next day? No problem. You follow the training course whenever it suits you best.

Online certification test

After Module 1, you will take a short online test for certification. If you pass the test, then you will receive a certificate. You will then get access to Module 2 and Module 3.

Module 1 - Introduction

In Module 1 – Introduction, you will learn the same aspects as in Module 1 – Discover. The only difference is you will follow this course at one of our training centres.

Module 2 - Explore

During this day course, you will build on what you have learned in Module 1. The emphasis is on practical aspects in this module.

You develop a project yourself from the basics up to and including uploading and testing your programming. For example, you will learn how to use the touchscreen, a smartphone and moods, and how to create conditions to automate actions. That way, you can get additional added value out of your customer's installation.

Module 2 – Explore is more than a training course. You will leave full of inspiration for your next installations.

Module 3 - Challenge

During Module 3 – Challenge you become more specialised in Niko Home Control. In Module 2, you learned about the possibilities of the programming software. In this module, you will creatively apply all the possibilities. That way, you will find a suitable solution for all your customers' needs. You will also learn how to connect external systems to Niko Home Control.

You will work independently on realistic situations and assignments that you can test immediately. Our professional trainers will give you tips and advice to successfully complete all the challenges.

Step up to Niko Home Control II (e-learning)

Have you already followed one or more training courses for Niko Home Control 1.x? With this short online module, you switch over to Niko Home Control II.

How can you register for a training course?

Log in with your myNiko-account of maak een (gratis) or create a (free) myNiko account.
Go to Niko Academy.
Choose the type of training course and the type of module you want to follow.

If you choose e-learning, you can start immediately.

Are you following a training course at one of our training centres? The registration fee is €50 (excl. VAT).

If you attend the course, you will receive your registration fee back in the form of a discount coupon.