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Niko Home Control solar mode

Increase your self-consumption and your comfort

With all the shifts in the energy landscape, it is more important than ever to use self-generated energy as much as possible. At present, only 30% on average of generated solar energy is used immediately while the remainder flows into the grid. However, the recent introduction of the digital energy meter is an excellent opportunity to increase your self-consumption while reducing your dependence on the grid. Read on to find out exactly how you do this and why it is so useful to increase your self-consumption!

What is self-consumption and why is it so important?

Niko Home Control comes to the rescue with its solar mode

How can you increase your self-consumption?

Good to know!

Once solar energy is no longer available, you can set the very latest time when solar mode needs to be activated. Once activated, the appliance will remain active for the period you have set, so you can always be sure that your appliances will be switched on. You can also determine yourself how long appliances must stay on for. Furthermore, you can determine the order in which certain appliances need to be switched on first and which are left until last, meaning that you're in control at all times!

If you do not have any appliances that can be controlled using solar mode, Niko Home Control can show you information about your self-consumption percentage. Smart energy alerts automatically keep you informed when there is overproduction, enabling you to also switch on your appliances yourself manually.

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